New members of the Kuwait forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Welcome dear and wish you all the best at you work in Kuwait as well as in your life 😊

Hello, I am Igor. Been in Kuwait for a year, don't really like it. Just found this forum and here I am.

Hi everyone,

My name is Samuel. Very inclined to having my family come to Kuwait soon hence my connecting to the expat community here.

Quick one though: in MOH interview for doctors; what does it entail? and my wife has visa to come to the interview; what are the pros and cons with respect to:
1. does resumption of work commence from the moh interview directly and immediately?
2. or does my wife have to return back to her country before she would now have to return to resume her work fully?

Hey Laura, Welcome to Kuwait

Hope you are settling in very well.

please let me know if certain events or activities are organised through this forum.

Hi I'm Rebby I'll be moving to Kuwait by 27th December inshaallah I'm glad to be a member here

Hi there!

My name is Yousif, and I am from Bahrain!

Currently living in Kuwait. :-)

Welcome to expat blog

Hello Kip,

How you doing.. I'm jazz from New York, been here a while with hubby the dogs and cat!!!

I'm hosting a poetry Galla at Wajha Arts here in salmiya it's on 10/30 at 7 pm to 8 pm it's free admission and should be fun to check it out!
You can recite your own favorite poem or just come in and Hangout!  Google Wajha arts in salmiya
..check out the art gallery, among other things they offer oil painting, water color, sculpting, paino Oud  lessons...among other musical instruments..
Hope to see you all .. if anyone is interested in the poetry event plz send me your info! To reserve your seat..s

Thanks and hope to see you at the poetry lounge!

Do let me know of details in the message

Hey there!
Wanna.arts ...kindly RSVP your info to Instagram
Is your poem in English, kindly note
Your poem should not exceed no more then 3_5 in
Plz arrive 15 in early so you can prep your material

Hope to see you there
Free admission to all
Thanks! Jazz

Hi Everyone
I am an American preparing to move to Kuwait to teach at an international school.
I really love learning about new cultures, and travel. This is my first experience living abroad as an adult so it's kinda scary.


Hi to all

Richard been her almost a month it's not the same as living in South Africa but it is still living waiting to get my civil Id to apply for driving licence moving around is a slep without a licence and waiting for my 1st salary in the country
Nice to meet you all
Have a great day


When I have my licence I will  come and see and meet you all ,what does the 10/30 stand for please ?

Hahaha don't be scary it's normal country but different cultures. I hope you will be happy and like your new job in new school 👍

Its 30th of Oct. 🤔😁

Kuwait is very safe country, people are friendly and life is easy going here.

Nothing to worry at all.

Just make sure your company or school arrange  necessary things such as airport pick up,accommodation and residency stamp. Teaching job here is pretty straightforward home to school to home to grocery shop to home to school :)

Hello There,

I am new to this website, i am living in Kuwait from 2008 February

We are teaching meditation free of cost, so if anyone interested please message me,

And is there a way to advertise in this website to reach out to more expat members??

Thank you

Hi Vijay ,For advertising go to classified section.

I am a teacher too. I will be working at an international school in Hawally.
I am hope all goes well.
I am Japanese American but was told that sometimes Asians are discriminated against.

I am American and hail from Hawaii. Funny- Hawaii to Hawally.

Tell me what its like. I know that there are always kind people everywhere, but I do not wish to move to Kuwait if people like me are not welcome.



Thanks so much.
Your words are encouraging.

Hi Meryme,

I am currently living in Kuwait, and I love knowing other cultures.
let's get in touch if you are willing,

Here is my phone number, feel free to text me***.

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Hello Everyone,
My name is Yehia, and i come from Egypt.
Iam moving to Kuwait in the beginning of Jan 2020 to work there in a multinational company.

Looking forward to meet new people and participate in public events there.

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