What kind of Milk are you drinking

I have had local milk(Dark Blue) in the fridge which has been opened for over 15 days and it still has not gone bad. I am curious to see how long I can do this. ( Its an experiment and doesnt say anything about the state of my fridge :)
This doesnt seem natural though, or have things somehow changed scientifically?

I'ved switched to the UHT stuff, and soya ,

Are there any other local alternatives, possibly from happy cows ?


Funny :lol:

Interesting, but i'm no help, we go through 4-5 pints of milk a day! Oh and we're still in the UK! :huh:

amanda x

I find the milk here to be true the the experation date...I'll drink it if it's a day past though.

Its not the problem that it keeps to the expiration date, the problem is that it is keeping fresh beyond its date way too long. Which leads me to wonder if something is being added to aid its unnatural life ....

How's the milk doing?

I quit drinking milk all together after comming to Malta.... theres just something different about it.

Too bad to because I usually went through 2-3 liters a day....

Small country advantage .Distances here are very short....so from cow to tetra pak it's a quick shot and  fresher than fresh milk.
I wouldn't worry about additives.
The expiry date  being cautious is possibly due to the summer heat hence milk is prone to go sour quicker.
I was watching a documentary on milk production in Malta the other day. ( Local TV) Couldn't understand all but the  set up for milk production on farms is pretty state  of the art.

Its still going strong I think it must be some record or something 19 days after expiry. Maybe I should enter it in the Guiness Book of Records , get Malta on the map for Milk :)

I'm sure production is pretty good by local standards, but I am not convinced its a natural process the milk is going through.
I dont know what the usual time is, in Switzerland it was about a week till it went bad, that was Bio though.

Maybe Maltas cows get more sunshine , how long was it in the other countries ?

I want preservatives!  period.  :)

Someone told my wife the other day that (some of?) the milk here is mixed with powdered milk and that may be one reason why it tastes different and maybe has a longer shelf life. I haven't tried to independently corroborate that, so I've no idea how true it is.



here skimmed lasts longer than full cream but only by a day or so!

amanda x

Its actually still going strong, I believe either I have holy milk in my fridge. My fridge is blessed, or the cow it came from is a holy cow :)

I will be selling a shot of the milk to anyone who wants a cure from anything. Its also guaranteed to secure a place in the good afterlife !

How do you know it's still going strong?  Is it purely by smell or have you tastd it? blurgh! :blink:

amanda x

I tested it this morning by dipping my finger in :) .  If it wasnt eaten and the smell is still ok I assume its good. Just kidding. Going by smell, surprisingly it hadnt gone bad.
But unfortunately I caved in this morning to political pressure and threw it out. It was still good, but I am beginning to think it was possessed .....

Benna milk is very different to any milk that I have tasted too.

Expat outing?


Benna- Visiting the Dairy Processing Plant
Malta Dairy Products Ltd. offers educational visits to the dairy processing Plant in Hamrun.  These visits are intended for primary school children, students at any other level, and groups of adults from the general public.

The visit is divided into a powerpoint presentation and an onsite explanation in the viewing gallery.

The talk includes the following subjects; Nutritional properties of milk ; Milk production in Malta, Testing/payment for raw milk; Pasteurisation of milk and storage, Production of the various Benna products.

The onsite visit includes viewing of the milk intake facility, yogurt production facility, packing/stacking of carton milk and pasteuriser hall. The duration of the talk and onsite visit is about 2 hours.

Visits are held from Monday to Friday from 9.30am onwards. Bookings must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the visit.

Groups of 10 up to 60 are accepted. School children must be at least 7 years old and are to be accompanied by their teachers.

Queries about visits and bookings should be sent to the following e-mail [email protected]

Good idea, either it way it will reassure :) I'd be interested. I'll take my daughter along too. I dont think she will sit through a powerpoint presentation though.

Any other takers?

Count me in!

(Children have to be at least 7 years old)

It shouldnt be a problem i think. After all we are bringing some of their best clients :). I'll see if I can get hold of them in the week. Let me know which days work for you

If anyone else is interested, get in contact, its in Hamrun, so we can pool for lifts.