New: Yemen business directory


there is something new on!

We designed a new section dedicated to the companies of Yemen and their services: the Yemen business directory.

Professionals can now present their activity on We offer them two ways of doing it :

> a simple listing, with phone number and address. For free.

> a "premium" listing with a logo, description + a dedicated page with a complete description of their services and products (with pictures, localization on a map). For a reasonable price per year, payable online.

We will now be able to respond to companies' demands in terms of visibility on We also hope this will meet your expectations since you will have access to a list of all the companies offering products and services to expatriates in Yemen.

Do you think that section is a good idea?

Please do not hesitate to post your thoughts and comments!



Hi everybody, good idea about the business directory.
- A basic info for free -OK.
- A detailled info about the business for the payment would also be OK, till the payment would be reasonable amount and till there would be some promotion of the sites then (in a way that expat-blog would be more visible in google etc).

Do you have any more details about the amount/year and if there will be any activities to make greater visibility/higher ranking?

See you, take care

Hi Omranya,

everything is explained on this page: … ast/yemen/

please do not hesitate to contact me in private if you need any information.