Situation in Yemen


I sincerely hope all of you guys are ok. How is the situation in Yemen ?

Where/how can we follow the news ?

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Any update ?

Nice to see that nowadays somebody is still well interesting about this country which really deserves interest, consideration and respect.
I know from a long time the people living in this country and I like them and their country too much but I am so concerned and anxious about their future!!The situation is worse day after day!!
Can anybody HELP this country to live in peace,hope and better living conditions. WE need all your SUPPORT from all over the WORLD!!!

every one who living in this country watching the worse situation. this problem should solve if the rulers make some more developmental activity by utilizing the natural reserve of oil and gas .i am an Indian i love this country very well.i am proud of this country because this is the only arab country having parliamentary system of government.

(I'm sorry if this post is a repeat - I've been trying to send it for well over half an hour. The Internet connection here is slooooooow!) Well, the situation in reality is not (yet???) as bad as it seems to be on TV, alhamdulillah. Daily life is not disturbed and demonstrations (against AND with the government) are very local. The help should come from the people themselves - there will be elections in two years' time, and then everyone can choose whoever he/she finds suitable. There's no need for chaos right now. Yes, the prices are high, so demonstrators could demand lowering the prices - not changing the government! You can follow bits and pieces of what's happening on my blog:

Well a revolutionary is going on nowadays, hopefully will help this coutnry for better.

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I am an indian and i have a job offer with yemen .With the current situations in yemen i am confused with whether to accept or not?Can you please guide with the current situation in Balhalf,yemen.Is it safe ?I am on rotational cycle /so will i be to able to fly back on a rotation means travelling to airport ...
is it all safe..I also read about power cuts and petrol scarcity...

Is it verrrrrrrry difficult to run the daily life in Balhalf?



Hi Anuven,

Not sure if this is too late, but it's advisable that you wait a little longer and see how the situation develops in Yemen, at least until the revolution and the stalemate with the president is settled. Usually, whenever the worst is predicted to happen in Yemen, it doesn't, but this time the situation is quite volatile.

Hope this helps.

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thank you for your information.  I appreciate your help here. It must be very hard to live in such an unstable environment.   It's an age when people everywhere seem to distrust/dislike reject their leaders.

Dear shri ......  saheb,
I am P.C.JHA from NOIDA(Delhi NCR). I am Retired central Government employee want to go to Yemen
First of all if you dont mind , I want to know about your native place in India & now a days where are you living in Yemen.
I want to know about living in Zinjibar area  in Yemen. climatic condition , People in the area,  Availability of Food such as rice, pulse,Roti , Vegitable Milk etc.  etc . Living standard in the area. Availability of house on rent in Zinjibar area .
Availability of Indian people in the area. Any other news from Yemen as a whole if possible. waiting for your valuable suggestion in the matter at the earliest .
Thank you very much in advance .

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