hello everyone!im new in the site,I'm moving to Yemen in a few months and hoping to know and learn from people who have been there and still living there at the moment.

i just want to know the lifestyle, culture and basically how expats are adjusting to this country.

It will be a great adjustment on my part so I hope  to learn a lot from this site.

thank you!

Welcome on sashijo !

I moved the discussion to the Yemen forum


Yes, I live in Yemen for 7 months now. I live here with my family and we live in with a yemeni family, so we really had to addapt to their culture and lifestyle. Which is not easy if you are from Europe, but thank God I hope we have managed.

If you are interested in knowing more about yemen, I just started to write a blog about my life here plus a few Yemeni traditional recipes.

I hope you'll enjoy reading my blog:

Thank you for your reply..I have read your stories and its not as
Horrible as what I expect. I will have an accomodation when I come so I don't
Think there will be a problem with electricity.hope so!
How do you guys adjust to the way ppl get dressed?this will be a big
Adjustment on my part.
Looking forward to more post on your blog atraveler.

hi sashijo,

I am an American of a Yemeni origin , you can contact me at any time if you need help , I would be glad to help

I am also planning to move back to Yemen soon but haven't yet confirmed the dates

Good luck with your move to Yemen

hello ASJ,

nice to hear from you!i guess we have many things in common, i also lived 4 years in Dubai before coming here. So far so good..i have adjusted with the lifestyle and loving the weather. I'll see you around. take care