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About Yemen

There are a number of islands that belong to Yemen, many of which are volcanic. Yemen's geography is diverse and is made up of plains, highlands, and deserts. The coastal plain along the Red Sea is dry and flat, and there are high sand dunes that form the deserts which receives very little rain. The temperature there is usually hot during the day, but decreases dramatically when the sun's gone. Bedouin populations live in the desert and tend to their camel herds. In contrast, the western highlands receive a lot of rain, more so than the central or eastern highlands, but the streams rarely reach the sea due to high levels of evaporation. Yemen is currently facing a water crisis, and could become the first country to run out of water.

The ethnic groups that make up Yemen are predominantly Arabs, followed by South Asians, Persians, Europeans, and Afro-Arabs. There are also many tribal communities that still exist. Standard Arabic is the official language, although Yemeni Arabic is more regularly spoken on a daily basis. English is also widely spoken and taught. Islam is the major language in Yemen, and half of the population is Sunni Muslim while the other half follows Shia Islam. There is a small minority of Christians in the country, but an almost non-existent Jewish population, most of whom have migrated to Israel.

Quick Information

Capital : Sana'a
Official Languages : Arabic
Currency : Rial
Area : 527970 Km2
Population : 23495361
Calling Code : +967
Timezone : Asia/Aden

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