Where are the nicest places to live in Yemen? Am I welcome?

I'm considering a move to Yemen but need a lot more info first.  I have so much to learn about Yemen and it is not easy to get it from news.

Would I be welcomed as an American woman or do people dislike us  there?

2. Where are the best universities?

3. Where is the best place to live in Yemen and is the cost of living high?

4. Is it always hot or are their cool months?

5. Are there many women entrepreneurs and if so can you tell me what they are doing?

6. How are journalists doing there? I mean are they safe and able to report freely?

7. Women's rights? Are women free to do as they want?

i have lived in Oman and been in Iraq so have Middle east exp. but Yemen sometimes sounds like a very scary place.   can't wait to hear what you who live there say. Thanks

i will telling you every things

Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the Middle East, therefore it's poorer than Oman and Iraq.
Weapons are widely available among the citizens, but it is quite safe. Infact, foreigners are treated with utmost respect especially women and Yemenis are very freindly. There have been a few incidents where foreigners have been kidnapped, but those are in the rural areas.

Universities in Yemen are an issue, as most of them teach in Arabic and the ones that do teach in English are pathetic. So neither enrolling or teaching there would be advisable.

Cost of living is quite cheap.

Women can do what they please, ie driving,working etc. Just get used to people starring at you every now and then.

Temperatures in Sanaa the capital are usually cold, and in Aden hot. These are the two cities where I would advise you to go. Aden is not as populated as Sanaa but its organized in terms of infrastructure and literacy levels are higher. For business Sanaa would be a better option but a lot of patience would be required for you to deal with most of the people there.

There is a lot of corruption in yemen as a whole and that is what is hindering the country's progress

As for women entrepreneurs, they aren't that many but I can recommend some who are British graduates.

I hope I've answered most of your questions and if you do have some more, kindly do not hesitate to ask.

thank you for such thorough information. I greatly appreciate it!

I am new here. Ive read what you wrot. have u been in yemen yet? or still need info> PlZ let me know.... my email is [email protected]


looking to learn about living on Yemen on 300$ month. 

Will an asian american be safe?

Oh yes you will be quite safe, Yemen has the friendliest people I've met.
300 dollars would be sufficient for 1 person, that's the average salary learned Yemenis receive.


1- Best universities branch of the University of Science and Altklologia Green Brigade in the province (the province of Abb)
2-The best place to live in Yemen and the high cost of living
Abb in the province so that it does not interfere in the sectarian conflicts or wars, which is the only county that was not exposed to fight any party to the conflict in Yemen and can live with low-income and middle-income and high-income
3-Abb province is the best area of the Yemeni climate and Yemenis call Green Brigade because of climate enjoyed by
As for the regions are warm (Aden - Hodeidah province)
And cold regions are (Dhamar - Sanaa)
The climate in temperate regions as well as they tend to a little cold in the winter and tend to heat a bit in the summer is (Abb province - and the province of Taiz)
Yemen has been in the presence of many businesswomen who have to live in European countries and the Arab countries and East Asia, and all countries in the world and then moved to their living Yemen
But the provinces where there is a lot of businesswomen are (Sanaa), but there are some problems in terms of openness in Yemen
(Province of Abb) enjoyed much of businesswomen such as Sana'a, but that is characterized by an open community
5-Ibb province is the province that I can advise you that because it upscale area in the (rural and city) and the lack of the presence of party dominance
It is safest area of the freedom of others' opinions
6-In all governorates of Yemen, women have complete freedom as long as women have the character of a respectable and polite and specifically Abb province and the province of Aden, Taiz and Almclae province and other provinces
But the only one that is not where it affects the rights of time and I can Ansga it is the province of Abb or Taiz province neighboring province of Abb

Note: Some of the media are tarnishing the image of Yemen for personal purposes

Shehab Ahmed brave religion
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My hubby has got an opportunity for Yemen. Can you let me know what would be the living cost in Yemen.

Also my hubby is bothered about my security; please guide me is it safe for women.


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Yemen is safe for women, you do not need to worry about that ;)

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