Assalamu Alaykum/Hello

Assalamu Alaykum wr wb

I am currently living in England and am trying to work towards moving to Yemen.

I have specialised in law and if anyone can direct me in finding any relevant jobs. I used to work as Legal Officer - para legal.

If i cant get into law, i'd like to teach but would have to study the PGCE and/or TEFL.

Any ex pats on here who can assist me re: advice???


Welcome on Expat-Blog seekinghijrah ;)

I hope that other members of the site will be able to provide with some useful info soon.


It might not be the best time to make this move since the situation is a bit problematic here! However, if the situation gets back to normal, inshallah, teaching is always an option for (near)native speakers, even without TEFL. Still, if you have the chance to get it, that's always better.


Do u mean i wouldnt have a problem finding a job even if i didnt have teaching qualifications??

How would i go abt it once situation has calmed down???


Hi, I think it would be difficult to find a job in some law service, as the law in yemen functions specifically. Most of the disputes they first try to solve with tribal law (mediation etc) as is quicker, more efficient and in many cases less corrupted like official court.
However, with your qualification I think you can find some job in administration and if you say that you can teach that is always possible. Many people teach privately, not in language schools, and payment in a private way is even better. However, then you have to be more active in orfder to get pupils etc.

At the moment Yemen is in a bit confusing stage, so, better to wait till autumn. Even some tourists were refused to enter the country in last 2 months and they've got visas in their passports.

I wish you good luck

Yes, I mean you shouldn't have a problem finding a teaching job even without qualifications. That is, if your English is indeed fluent AND your teaching skills are good, too. That's why experience is very useful. You have a bachelor's degree, I suppose, so that's really enough. Again, if you have the opportunity to do a TEFL course, go for it. It may give you more self-confidence.
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