Marrying someone from Yemen

I am from Canada and met someone online who is currently living in Yemen. He is an amazing man and I am 100% sure I want to be with him. We both know being together will be difficult and will take time but we have decided to ago ahead with trying anyways. I am just curious as to what to expect with marrying a man from Yemen. I know this varies but what do they expect and such? We have talked about some expectations and I have accepted many as they aren't anything crazy to me. I know it will be different but I'm excited. We plan on either moving back to Canada or going somewhere else in the middle east. Any advice would be great! Thanks :)

Hello canadiangirl1902 and welcome on board

What do you wish to know exactly? Seems you already have your plans and made up your mind.


Dear ....
In general Yemeni man simple , he could be looking for new life in Canada through you , but that is not meaning he is not interested in you , other thing is may be he is already marred from Yemeni women
tell me how old is he ..I can imagine
All the best

Hi! He's only 24 and the original plan wasn't to move to Canada so I don't think he is looking for a way to come here. That wasn't rlly a concern.

Hi, I don't know why some people interested to aviod bring forigners to thier countrys even they are in love with them. In the same time, they accept to change their homes easliy to where lover lifes.

I think the point is, they should be together whereever. So, take it easy, if you sure about him, go ahead and do it. Our lifes aren't repeated.

Just do it, if u trust him and try to make him happy including bring him to Canada or come to him where he is.

Just take care of visa hunter and scam before any serious steps.