Journalist looking for Filipinos in Yemen

Hi there! I am Franco of DzMM. I am looking for Filipinos currently in Yemen. We are thirsty for news about them since a series of violence erupted in the country. If you know someone, please sned us his/her name and contact so we can coordinate with the Foreign Affairs Department, Thnak you

Hi Franco,

Please note that your post was moved on the Yemen forum for better visibility.

I suggest you to post an advert in the section looking for testimonies in Yemen which might be helfpul.

Thank you and best of luck,

Hasnaa Team

Dear Sir,

My name is Arnel C. Ariap I am currently living in the Republic of Yemen. I am working at the Field of Oil & Gas Company as QHSE Manager / Occupation Health and Safety advisor I am out of my office most of my time I'm assigned a job to conduct risk assessment of our day-to-day operation. We back on my history in the Philippines I am voluntary DZRH Radio Reporter when I was there. In this regards I am interested to becoming a International correspondent of your Radio station.

I am look forward to hear from you soon.

Arnel C. Ariap
Mobile: +967 716297621