How to Help Yemen?

The situation in Yemen is a human rights disaster. Putting politics aside, what are the best ways to help the millions of starving children, homeless families, and injured bystanders of this conflict? Please post any ideas. There are a group of us here dedicated to assistance.

Dear Mr,

I am from Yemen living and working in Kuwait. I can help for any question to guide you what you would like to do and thanks for you and your group to try to help the Yemenis.

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I am a civil engineer and a Yemeni cities of Aden and I can help you. In any field looking for relief or the establishment of development projects for poor families


Thank you for your concern about Yemen and Yemenis. It's indeed a catastrophe that is out of the radar.

I just made a post a few minutes ago on how people can help Yemen from outside Yemen. If you and your friends are still interested and available, please go over it. The subject of the post is "Yemen - the Largest Humanitarian Crisis in the World: How to Help".

Again, thanks a lot for your passion and concern.

Best wishes,

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Thank you for your interest to help Yemeni people. He can help you. There are many ideas we can discussed its. May we know more about which field you intent to establishment your project
My email: ***

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