Hello guys . I'm planning on creating a website that will allow southafrica Africans based in China to send money to their friends n family for free though a peer to peer program. Eg. Pple in African pay yo family here free of charge n u py their suppliers free of charge. Would anyone be interested in such a platform? No going to the bank.just transferinng money to a provided we chat qr code n this side we transfer to your family members..I have a lot of pple in south Africa who are eager. Your views will be highly appreciated

What you are proposing is similar to the "Hawala" or "Hundi" system in the Middle East.  It is outside the realm of banking regulation and in recent times, different bodies have started looking into it due to security concerns regarding money laundering and other illicit activities.   Just be aware.

Wow thanks for yo input. Will consult my layer.