Bank Account in China

Updated 2011-10-13 16:50

Because we had this question already somewhere and this topic is importend to all new China Expats who will have an chinese contract.

1. it is no problem to open a Bank Account in China. For a normal Debit Card you need just you Passport and you can use this Card at every ATM in China. I can use my Vard even back in Germany on the ATM of the Sparkasse. Didn't checkt other banks so far.

2. You can get even a Credit Card in China without any problems. The biggest problem here is that you need to speak chinese, have a friend who speak chinese or go in SH or BJ to one of the big Banks in the Business Districts. For the Credit Card you need also some more papers. I am not sure, but they want to see the Working Contract and the registration from your police office. Correct me if I am wrong in this point.
The Credit Card is an international one and can be used all over the world. Visa and Master Card are both available.

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