Foreign Exchange services

Every month I have to transfer money back to Ireland, and currently I am using BOC the most customer unfriendly.

I am looking for other ways to get my money abroad, I did some research online and it seems that Foreign Exchange brokers could be a solution. Does anyone has experience with this. Or are there other solutions to send money abroad in a safe and quick way.

I have used 3 times before and i could say that i am very satisfied with their service.i definitely recommend it..check it out

Bro, I can relate as far as lousy customer service with Chinese banks. China Construction Bank also sucks! (In my experience.)
Yes, might be good..and what about Western Union? They've always been good in my experience.


i have experience of it , i have sent money abroad to my friend with the help of Currency Online , its a very easy,secured money transfer service.That may be helpful for you to transfer money