Transferring money from Chinese Bank of China account

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I started a job here in  Hangzhou in January and need to send money back to South Africa in order for my debit order to come off my bank account for repayment of my student loan - can anyone assist with any info on how I can transfer money back to South Africa as soon as 1 March 2016? P.S I know there are limits on the amount, I am looking at a rather small amount every month.

You can also add me to WeChat to send more info - xxx

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its a fairly simple thing to do.... but having said that as with all banks in China... once you actually get to a need much patience as the transaction could take up to 1 are fortunate you are in a City where there will be many bank staff that will be able to converse with you in advise is to go to a large branch... and seek out am English speaking bank officer... most are very helpful...

thanks so much - i find however that with my current bank, Bank of China - there is so much red tape and this makes it very difficult to transfer. Have you ever done this and if so, if you dont mind me asking, with which bank?

I use the same bank... and the "Red Tape"is the same in every bank in China... learn to live with it...I transfer money regularly ... always the same branch....have been doing this for more than 8 years... all the staff know my name...but it still always takes more than 1hour to get it done...... take 2 Valium before you go to the bank...ha ha ....

hi anyone live in Nanning ,im thinking of buying apartment in self contained security place (community pool etc). approx. price would be good  jeff..

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To transfer money via Western Union, you need to exchange it to dollars. If you exchange RMB to dollars in a bank, they have A LOT of requirements and you can only exchange up to 500 dollars only. Here's what I do:

- Go to a Metro  Station with Foreign Exchange Windows. I use the one in Window of the World station. Just show your passport.

- Go to an ABC bank. They are the FASTEST (15 mins) bank to do Western Union Transactions. You can find the nearest ABC with Western Union here … country=CN

Bring your passport with you.

I hope this helps.

Transferring funds out of China is not an issue and there is no limit , you need your passport , your Visa and RP , finally and most important the tax declaration from your employer stating that you paid the associated tax in China .
Is time consuming and like everything else in China you need to find a bank branch that has done it before as the first answer is always NO if they dont know how to do it

Good day; This is Chris  and me are from Wuhan China  and are also a  white South African . Me are teaching in Wuhan ;
If you got RMB money You can go to the China post Office witch got  a Western Union Branch and ask  a Chinese friend that can speak English to help you , to find a Western Union branch  . A ask your family in south africa to send you a branch  name of a western union from south africa , i know that some absa bank got that facility.  plus  a person detail in south  africa that stay near a branch   there name ,id number, cell phone/ house number  ,  to help you to go and pay for you, your accounts .
i send to south africa many times and to  Africa MANY TIMES AND TO Ukraine  Kharkova  and all my family , friends received  there money . 
My China cell number is xxx

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Good day . My name is Chris  me are also from South Africa Durban, Me are now   in China Wuhan  teaching at two schools . if you need help to send money to South Africa  you are more then welcome to phone me  on my CHINA NUMBER AT xxx and I will explain to you  How easy it is with Western Union China  at a China post office where you see the yellow sign for Western union .
Kind regards
. Chris
Sorry I just got a new cell phone and me have not jet  put up WECHAT . OR WHATAPP.  ME GOT SKYPE .

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It may be to late for the response. But, in order to spend up the process of transferring money I have my Chinese assistant to do it for me. The process is much faster and I didn't have to bring all of the documents. If you do it without a Chinese citizen it is a tendious process. So, if you have a trusted colleague it will better. Also, make sure your bank in S. Africa has the necessary foreign exchange number for transferring money.

You can find a western union at a chinese post. and avery good chinese friend  to help you , take  your detail from south africa where you want to send the money to, with you and  your passport ,plus your visa  to the chinese post office  western union and let your chinese friend ask them to help you.   . i send often money to south africa and to ukraine and never had any problem  / remember to ask the person in the western union  for the tmc  number and then send this  to your family in sa and they can go to any western union office in sa with the number. and your detail and there id book/card and then colect the money from you.

Are you in Beijing?

HI Shezz,
Did you ever find an easy way to transfer money back to SA? I'm moving in August to Hangzhou and will need to send money home monthly for my 16 year old son (school fees, etc)

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