Starting fund amounts for 1st time Expat?

For a first time Expat, moving to Hangzhou from the USA, what would be a good amount of money to make the move with? Why so? And, in your own experiences, what was the most expensive aspect of the move?

I moved to ShenZhen in 2004. I had $5000. That was enough to get a apartment and pay for a number of months.  Buy a new set of clothes, and eat out and drink for at least two months.

I found a job teaching and I was up on my feet in no time.

I would suggest that you have at least $1,000 in USD. That will be around 60,000 RMB and you will be just fine.  Apartments will require first last and a deposit just like int he states.  If the apartment is a very nice one, in a major first tier city then your rent with utilities could run you 5000 RMB. You will need around 12,000 RMB to get the apartment set up.

Good luck.

I began in Shanghai in 2011.(wow) with 1000$
i was able to get an interest free loan from my school to help set up an apartment that i was able to slowly repay over 4 months.
Since i came with a job already in hand.. my first pay was 1 month after i arrived... 1000$ was more than enough then..
now i recommend a bit more but if you're careful and don't live it up before payday you'll be ok.. most schools and learning centers help with loans to get started.

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