Good travel agent in SGN or BKK for air tickets from USA and EU

Some friends are visiting from London and seeking affordable tickets.
It occurred to me that there may be someone who can help from this end. Does anyone know of a travel agency that's good on incoming flights?  (The agents I've spoken to in the past year or two -for regional and international tickets- end up more expensive than Expedia or Orbitz. )

I've mentioned Bangkok as I hear it may be a better source.


Plenty of cheaper tickets available online.

I use Momondo (

Then I compare them prices directly with the airlines and book either there or with the flight booking services proposed in Momondo.

I don't know how large the Viet Kieu expat community is in London, but if there are Vietnamese owned travel agents there, they may be the best place for your friends to purchase tickets.  Viet agents in Honolulu purchase blocks of tickets, usually on China Airlines, and pass on some of the discount.  They always are better than online pricing.  Of course there are enough sellers in Honolulu to make them price competitive.

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