New CPR Tax for rented properties


I'm hoping somebody can help me with some knowledge for my situation.

I have recently moved apartments (3 months ago) and therefore the address on my CPR is not my new address. My new apartment building has given me the EWA bills for the previous 3 months, and I am within my monthly limit on all.

The building is verbally telling me that because the address on my CPR is not to my new building there is an additional monthly charge from the Municipality or EWA (don't know if they are they are same) until I update it, calling it a new "CPR TAX". I have lived here 4 years and have never heard or payed it on any of my other apartments so my question is-

Is there a new law where you are charged per month for when your address on your CPR is incorrect?? Or is it just my building trying to get more money out of me??

They also point at the "Municipality Tax" amount on the EWA bill and say that is the monthly charge for incorrect address.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


I think they are going about it in a wrong way to highlight a correct matter.

As per law, every tenancy contract is subject to municipality tax at the rate of 10% of the monthly rental value.   The information about rental agreement value is captured when you ask for a municipality letter to update your address on the CPR (in those cases when the EWA bill is not in your name).  Thereafter, the tax is charged every month in the EWA bill.

So what your apartment building people are correct about is that you have to pay municipality tax @10% of your monthly rental value every month.  But the way they are saying it is absolutely wrong - there is no CPR tax for wrong address. Even when your address is corrected, you still have to pay.   Also check your rental contract as municipality is inclusive with electricity in most rentals; or it used to be before the EWA prices started increasing.   Maybe for your apartment building, they only allow for all-inclusive when the address is registered to you?    i.e. maybe the previous rental value was higher and they have to pay it's a way to force you register the new contract so that they pay less?  who knows.

Thank you for that XTang, you have made it clear.

So as far as you are aware there is no charge for having the incorrect address on my CPR? The only cost for me would be to renew it with a new address.
It clearly states in my contract that the owner pays the Municipality tax and that it doesn't contribute towards my monthly cap so I'm fine.

Thanks again

Yep no charge for incorrect CPR.  Besides, if they knew you had the wrong address on your CPR, why would they charge the amount to your RIGHT address vs. just correcting the address? :)

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