Buying property with investment plan and returns

I am planning to buy property in Bahrain
Purpose : residency for my family
As I am in saudi , I visited Bahrain few times got in touch with some property agency and got some investment opportunities with buying apartment. Return of 8% for invested amount for 3 yrs on monthly
I need to know how safe is this and will I get this returns what has been promised
Do I need to do or take any legal help on contract for investment for 3 yrs and monthly payment
Need help from people of any who had used this investment plan
Also how is now Bahrain real estate market
Seems rents are going down and what I can expect for my investment to be safe now in 2020
Thank you

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This one for property advice in Bahrain :

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If you read carefully, I have clearly said to only buy ready property due to the issues in security clearance for off plan.

I have no idea what to say on this investment opportunity as you haven't given any details eg

Which project?
Which developer?
What are the mechanics of this investment?
Do you get the property in ready state and title deed in your name etc etc

Thank you for your advice , gr8 help
I just saw a property listed with weetas new and ready
In new reclaimed land in Juffair
He shared me investment plan for 1BR with return of 8%. For 3 yrs
Same I got from marasi but 2 yrs
I need to know if i go for this investment as per contract will o get paid or can have issues ? As I know weetas is property management company in Bahrain and a well know
I am trying to do my due diligence how safe is it to go with investment as I see safe returns for 3 yrs and after 3-5 yrs I will move my family
May be some guidance on this
Thank you

Not clear.

I don't understand what do you mean by investment plan i.e.

1) Do you buy the property in one go with cash and then they manage it for you and guarantee a rental income?
2) You pay instalments for the property and when fully paid, it is transferred to your name and they guarantee an income?

If you read the links I posted above, carefully, you will realise that point 2 is something you should stay away from as an expat.  You won't get title deed, won't be able to apply for visa and if security clearance at time of title deed doesn't go through, you don't have ANY security.

In point 1, if you are getting the title deed, then your property is secure.  Rental income may or may not happen.  Again, if you bother to read the threads I posted the links to above, the property market is down quite a lot in Bahrain and many places are vacant.   In addition, Marassi is a new area which doesn't have a lot of occupancy and mostly investors have bought places - it is just too far to live and not that developed yet; amwaj next door is cheaper and has more lifestyle options.

My option is 1 and as per the weetas agent I will sign contract for 3 yrs lease to them for monthly amount which they shall pay me each month (8%) of net amount of purchase of apartment in Juffair
I need to know if these investments work are the agents or property management companies paying as per contracts or I will have some issues .
This might also be a promotion trick to sell and later they would not pay as promised and I would have to
Legal help
As you mentioned and I noticed aswell in my visit lots of apartments are vacant so if I buy and sign contract with property management companies
How safe is it or I need to take care of some things when entering these contracts
Thank you

Well it depends on your priorities.  If you buy the apartment as a ready apartment with title deed in your name and the priority is to get the residence visa, then you are safe.  By safe, I mean that you won't lose your property.

The rental thing may or may not be guaranteed.  Read the wordings of the contract carefully - they usually mention that payments are guaranteed for only x number of months and after that, are subject to tenant occupancy.

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