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Hi All,

I moved to Bahrain 2 weeks back, and currently I am staying in a hotel. After around 10 days of house hunting, I finally found a 2 bedroom semifurnished apartment in Abraj al lulu. The rent is exclusive of Electricity, Water and Municipality tax. I signed the lease today, the agent told me that I need to register my flat with the municipality post which I will be able to pay the Municipality tax. I need to give this address for my CPR.
My question:
1. Is it mandatory to register the flat with municipality for my CPR? As in, are the two processes linked, or I can proceed with my CPR even before registering my flat with municipality? My employer has only asked me for my rental agreement.
2. Within how many days of signing the lease agreement I need to register it with municipality?
3. Since which date will I need to pay municipality tax?

I tried to search the forum for earlier asked questions, but I couldn't find any similar question asked before. Please direct me in case there is anything similar.

You need municipality letter for cpr address - CPR won't be issued without it. That is only given if you take lease agreement to municipality and pay 5 BD. You will get the housing fee in the next EWA bill.

Thanks a lot for the quick response.

Just a follow up question, Does the municipality letter need to be signed by landlord ? And where is the municipality office.

Thanks in advance

You take the signed lease agreement to the municipality along with cpr copy of landlord.  He doesn't need to sign anything more.  You pay 5 BD and then they will give you a letter which is valid for 1 month.

Each governate has a separate municipality office e.g. the southern governate has an office in Riffa.  You need to go to the office for your governate.  Google for the office or check the municipality and work ministry site.

Hi, I’d like to follow up on this topic about municipality and bills, because I am very confused with the information on the municipality tax. I found an apartment that charges 380 bhd.  Now I’ve been told that if I put this apartment address on my CPR, I will have to pay the following : 380monthly rent + 28bhd each month+ all my electric and water bills. So I’ll pay about 450 in total every month(depending on electric bills)
On the other hand, if I do not use this apartment address on my CPR I pay only 380 monthly with all bills included.
Can someone please explain why this is the case as I have tried to understand for days but still don’t get it. Thanks

The tax is 10% of rent i.e. 38 BD.   And has absolutely nothing to do with electricity and water bills.

The landlord probably just doesn't want to transfer the electricity meter in your name.  But you can still register the contract with the municipality even if the meter is in his name - it just needs to say in contract that he is liable for all electricity and water bills.

The reasons being given to you are not logical.

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