Selling Assistance - Job offer?

We have lived here for a year. We were planning on staying 5 however a change of circumstances has meant we have to go back to Australia. We are now in the situation where we have a fully furnished house but we cannot take it with us, mostly ikea furniture not worth shipping, however it is hard to justify leaving it without attempting to sell it. It is not just furniture as we are downsizing, sick of having too much stuff, so we are selling a lot of electronics (tv's, computers, etc.). Our issue is that we unfortunately have not been able to learn much Bulgarian in our short time here. So selling seems to be an issue as, understandably, most buyers expect to converse in Bulgarian and google translate often causes miscommunication and is hard work when you have 50 people to reply to.

What we are looking for is a service or person who can assist in selling everything for us (listing, messaging and giving directions) in return for a percentage fee, they would need to speak decent english and fluent Bulgarian. Does anyone know of such a service or someone that would be interested in such an offer?

We roughly expect to sell around 10k euro's of stuff on the conservative side.

If anyone has any ideas that would be great!

Hello Jane & Jason

If you tell me what part of the country you live in, I may be able to recommend someone who can help you.


Hey VillageGirl,

We are in Bistritsa just outside of Sofia. If you know someone that would be amazing!


My husband knows lots of people in Sofia and area. I will pm you.

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