Agribusiness and Peasants in Paraguay?

Hey, I'm an American who's interested in learning about Latin America and how economic liberalization has both helped and hindered it.

Specifically, in this case, I'm curious about the stories I hear (mostly from left-leaning sources in the States) about large corporate agribusiness firms in Paraguay, some of them transnational/multinational, who buy up land from the Paraguayan government for farming, but then force off landless peasants (who haven't ever been able to afford the land) who are squatting there, with or without previous approval of their government.

This obviously *sounds* bad, but given the sourcing and their biases, I want to hear the *entire* story from people who live or have lived there, I assume you probably have a better idea of what's going on.

This study may have some sections of interest to you to give some background, although it is a bit dated having been published in 1988.  Look at the sub-sections about land and land use under The Economy section:

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