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Hey all, I was wondering about possible job opportunities here in Asuncion. My family and I live in the interior but due to my 18 month old having possible allergies to the dust there, we need to make the move to the capital. Do any of you know of possible job opportunities for Spanish speaking Americans?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
thank you, Ryan

Moving to the city isn't going to solve your dust problem here in PY... and here in Asuncion you breath smog on-top of the dust too, also because its a piece of earth covered with tar and concrete basically the "local" temperature is also much worse than 20min out of the city, it means aircon-mode, and sometimes for 24H a day

my 2 cents

When we are here in Asuncion she doesn't have a problem with her allergies, the second we arrive to the house in the campo, her nose starts running and she gets stuffed up. We have an appt with an allergist tomorrow so we will have a better idea.
We have been in Asuncion quite a bit so we are aware of the asphalt jungle and all of the pollution.
thanks, Ryan

Hi Ryan,

I think you also posted something on FB a few weeks ago, on the English Teaching Jobs page.

"A job in Asunción" for a Spanish-speaking American is a bit vague.

Could you tell us a bit more about your qualifications?

Or what lines of business are you interested in?

It might help...

la canadiense

Hey ,

Try calling stael rufinilli. Its an english school and they are hiring. I work there and its the best ! You will have to do some training courses however. If you dont want to do training courses, there are many places that will hire just about anyone to teach their english class.. however dont expect good pay.

You could also try to get a front desk job at a hotel.. the fact that you speak english and spanish helps a lot.

Just some ideas


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As mentioned by stefie, teaching English is pretty easy to get into especially if you are US born.  I work for the CCPA - Centro Cultural Paraguayo Americano. Pay varies from city to city. I myself work in Encarnacion and bring home about $1500 US give or take which allows me to live very comfortably.

I had no prior teaching experience and was hired on the spot when I walked into their office to get my US birth cirtificates officially translated to Spanish.  I wasn't even looking for a job.

Great company with great people. They pretty much have positions in every city/town in Paraguay. Of course, the smaller the town, the less pay and hours you will receive as their is not a huge want or need for people to learn English in the smaller towns.

This will be changing pretty soon though as the Paraguayan government is going to make it mandatory for English to be taught in public schools. More doors will open for English teachers.

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