Malaysia is moving always very fast but to where?

Dear all

Everything is moving anyway to anywhere. This is very normal.

Yesterday I got a news from KL in Malaysia
The news stated that Federal Territorial minister said a new rule that all entertainment outlets, where we can drink alcohol, must be closed till 01:00 AM. effective on 1st. Jan.2019. (So only one month later.)
The main reason why this new rule? is to spend more time for family.

This news make people upset and embarrassed who like to drink in KL or in Malaysia.

Malaysia is as well known Islam country. So normally Muslim Malay do not drink so they should not care of this. Most of the customers in this entertainment outlets are Chinese Malaysian or Indian Malaysian or Foreigners. So many of them might be upset. But in the other hand, Malaysia government helps them to go home early to spend more time for family?

I think this could show one of very typical Malaysia.
Even Muslim shall not drink, but many Chinese Malaysian ( Mostly) drink and surely they can drink. They are not Muslim and usually after they finished works and drink together with friends. Furthermore, in such weather like Malaysia, they prefer to drink at late night. Similar is Singapore and Hong Kong etc..

Ironically, the Malaysia government is generally focusing on Malay people. but in this case, they seem to focus on Chinese Malaysian and their family.

But it seemed to me that many of Chinese Malaysian do not agree with this.

Personally I am curious of how it will go on and how it will be ended.

How do you think of this?

buckethead0304 :

The main reason why this new rule? is to spend more time for family.
This news make people upset and embarrassed who like to drink in KL or in Malaysia.

It is good to spend more time with family, don't you agree?
It can be an inconvenience to drink late at night instead of right after work. Look at the bright side- it is a good opportunity to try socializing without drinking.   :)

Many countries tried alcohol prohibition or restrictions and didn't succeed. It creates black market. It reduces income for a government from taxation of alcohol sale. (I am not sure how big it is here since it is a cash economy in many bars and restaurants.)

Very typical thought you have. ;)

What I meant is everyone has right how to live and decision is all his own.
Why Government( Government has power over it) decides and rules it?
You said that more time for family is good
But why they decided somebody life and his time?
Do not you think there are also many without family.
And maybe for you drinking at late night seems to be no good. but Some people likes it enjoy it.

Because many people in the world think like you
( They do not care of this because they do not drink and do have family. So it does not matter for them. They do not care of other people's choice.)  :/
people are loosing their freedoms.
At first this small one, and gradually they are expanding to control people.
Without freedom, no one can be happy.

It is not about the money but basic freedom.

Just remember, One day when you also feel loose or restricted one of your freedoms, no one can help you because it is not harming me now. ( I do not care of this and see bright side :top:

In general, if you can't do anything about government regulations then finding a way to work it out for yourself can be a solution to your problem. 
In the democracy, people elect government officials and there is a hope that if the regulations in general are bad for the majority then the officials will be voted out.
You can't please everyone, right? And regulations change all the time with a new government. There is always a hope (in the democracy) that a new government is wise in general...
Freedom? Do you know a country where people feel that their freedom is not restricted?  :)

Hello buckethead,

Haha. I believe the minister made those comments on the basis of political rhetoric. As you have mentioned, there are also Malaysian non muslims who enjoys their drinks on a late night out like myself haha. I don't think they will be able to implement it effectively even if they decide to allow F&B outlets to operate past 1am in the KL area because popular night spot areas like Bangsar and Mont Kiara would definitely keep operating past 1am haha.

IMHO, don't worry too much about it, its just merely trying to play up to the right elements of some muslims.

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