Job Advice for a friend

Hello everyone,  :)

I have a friend, who plans of moving to Bahrain in about 4 to 5 months.

She is a MSW (Master in social works) graduate, with major in psychology.

Her experience includes working in a NGO for old-age/senior citizens  suffering from psychological issues like depression, anxiety, Alzheimer's, old age problems, etc. Currently shes running her own activity center for  the senior citizens in India for the same.

Can anybody give me advice's and leads about what kind of jobs would be available for her here in Bahrain. There aren't much of NGO's or Senior Citizens Care we could find online to take more details about.

Any help about this is very much appreciated.

I posted on a similar question on these forums.   Use the search button.

Social work here is limited to primarily governmental organizations and / or institutes like ADB/WB etc.  There is hardly any NGO set ups here.  And if there are, they are more on the basis of volunteer work vs. any paid employment. Government organizations in this field prefer locals and / or Arabic speakers.  The international ones don't have big set ups as social disparity is not much of an issue in the GCC countries vs. India because the governments here do a lot for their citizens in terms of all manners of support.

So job options in her chosen field will be limited.  She can explore non-field related job options of course and that again varies from company to company depending on her skill set.

Also, here, to run a center like that; she would need to get accredited by a variety of organizations before she will be allowed to do that.  It is illegal to do things like that otherwise.

@Xtang, Thankyou for your quick response.

My apologies for not having searched the threads for the same. Somehow i thought this may not have been answered even here, as i had googled about this from quite few days now, but dint get any leads on it.

I understand social work is limited here because of the way government supports the locals in many ways, and even if there are any institutions for the same, they require fluency in Arabic language etc.

I have already spoken to her into opting for some other line of profession. But shes more into her chosen field itself. Or anything relating to that field. It could also be into counseling, or in-house counselors for companies etc.

Thanks a million tons for your time :-)

She could  visit various company websites get the HR contact info and send them an email about her profile or directly walk-in if possible and speak to them.


@logicalindian, Thankyou for your response.

Thats the last option i have told her about. To go any further she has to be physically present here.
Lets see.

Thanks a lot for your time :-)

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