Anyone in Copenhagen with Working holiday visa?

Hey guys, Im south korean.
Recently im planning to go to Denmark with Working Holiday visa.
So, i was really wondering how foreigners holding WHV lives in Denmark.
Cuz It only permits 9months working so I can't expect any office job but kinda serving or cleaning stuff.
So I just wonder what kinda jobs usually foreigners (non-danish speakers) with working holiday visa have?  and mostly I heard people get paid minimum wage, so is it possible to live with minimum wage in Copenhagen?.

Well, I am not sure want to answer.

It seems to me that you want to work, not to holiday. I shalln't say where the line is drawn between those two things, but the main purpose is to holiday and earn some money to supplement the travel means. I wouldn't expect it could be a full-timejob for nine months, but I don't know.

The minimum pay is 108 kroner an hour if the employer has signed an agreement with a union. In the cleaning and serving fields, many employers haven't signed an agreement  which means that the pay could be much less.

If we take that you find a work within the hotel world, it may be a problem to live outside Copenhagen due to late or early work. My bid is that you shall expect to pay at least 5,000 kroner per month for a room in Copenhagen plus deposit.

I don't know if above information helps you at all, but I cannot come it closer.


Haha working holiday visa is (quotation from wiki) a residence permit allowing travellers to undertake employment (and sometimes study) in the country issuing the visa to supplement their travel funds.
So in denmark, it only allows 9 months part time working for visa holder.
Well I should look for kinda serving, washing dish, cafe, or hostels.
But really thanks for your information!

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