Take home pay with a gross salary of 53,000 dkk per month

Hi ,

I’ve been offered a job in Copenhagen which pays 53,000 dkk per month plus 10% pension contribution paid by the employer and 5% by employee. Could I get some help calculating my net salary please?
I’d be moving with my husband and daughter  (about 1 year old). We would like to live in Frederiksberg.
I have extra rental income from a flat I’m renting out in UK plus we would also be renting out our current house in UK.
My husband is planning to find a job in Copenhagen too however there’s a risk he doesn’t get it as his profession is not in demand there. He therefore may end up looking after our daughter for the first few months to a year.
Would be great to get a rough indication of taxes if possible. Many thanks in advance!!

Hi Anna,

It's a fine pay and a fine pension scheme. Congratulations!

If you earn 650,000 kroner a year, you settle in Frederiksberg, your husband doesn't work (why you'll profit from his personal allowance), the tax will amount to 231.928,00 kroner.


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