Getting a long stay visa

Hi every one. I hope that some one can help me.

I came to Sofia Bulgaria on a C visa to join my bf while he worked. We didn't apply for D visas because the embassy advised us not to if we didn't have permanent work. But now he has been offered a full time position and I want to start a business. But for some crazy reason migration doesn't see this as a valid reason to give us a long stay visa.

Has any one been through this and how did you manage to get around it if you did?

We are considering getting Schengen Visas to make up the other 90 days of the 180 day visa limit, but we are not sure if that will even work.

Will getting a work permit help? I'm so confused right now. Please help.

Permanent work is sufficient ground for long stay visa. However this should be address by an immigration lawyer.

As for your case, better start your business and apply for a visa afterwards, or find other grounds - student, business representative etc.

I am from Canada and recently got my Visa D.
The only way to get it was through applying for it and receiving in in my country of origin. 
The Bulgarian Consulate was very informative about the whole procedure.

I should say "country of residence" not origin.

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