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Hi esteemed members,

I would be moving to KL next month. I'm looking for a condo 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms (fully furnished in high rise condo) in KLCC. My office is in Cap Square (next to Lulu Mall).

I'm looking for condos like Setia Sky or Soho or whatever you suggest based on your experience and should not be more than 30 mins walking distance from Cap Square.

I'm moving with my wife and no kids. My budget for monthly rent is between 2500-3200.

Could you please suggest some Condo names with specified criteria. Highly appreciate your time and help.


P.S. : From esteemed forum moderator's point of view, please don't share specific flat link (as it may get considered as spam). You could just share Condo names and that would be hugely helpful! :)

Any suggestions people..

*This is not an answer to your question but an observation that may help you*

Hi there!

I am also looking for one. I moved a day ago.

Honestly, 2 Bedroom with 2 bathroom can be difficult to find in <=3200 in KLCC. The prices on housing websites are slightly lesser than the actual rate. This is what I sensed after talking to people here (someone please correct me if your experience is different).

May be chat with a few agents via PropGuru app. They generally reply quickly with details.

P.S. - I am looking for something close to Bangsar LRT and from what I budgeted at least RM 500 are the actual rates.

I casually spoke to an agent and he quoted minimum 3500 for a 2 bedroom, so my guess wasn't wrong.

AB_anup :

I casually spoke to an agent and he quoted minimum 3500 for a 2 bedroom, so my guess wasn't wrong.

Thanks a lot AB_anup! This is very helpful. So, digital and ground realities have significant gaps which I think shouldn't have been. I see many quotes just less than 3000 for my criteria in KLCC area in PropGuru/Mudah/iProperty etc but now have to add +500 RM in them.

Also, let's say under 3500, could you please name some good condos?

As I said I am still searching - may be look at KL Gateway. This is right on Universiti LRT station, a 4/5  stations away from KLCC.


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Thanks Alex! For the time being I just wanted to know some good condo names in KLCC with my criteria. Could you please name some and it would be huge help.

Hi, we have units available. We are near pwtc lrt station. Pls reach us lix 0124151477 mia 0125717477

Have PM-ed you in private.

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