Where do most Indians in Kuala Lumpur

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Just have general questions, where do most expats (specially Indians) live in Kuala Lumpur. Reason for asking this question is because in some countries Indians live little far from main city center for big houses etc.

Are there any specific locations where most indians live and commute to work ?
Shall we go for Fully Furnished apartment or unfurnished, is it easy to buy furniture and kitchen items and then sell ? What most people prefer there ?

Is it easy to commute from places far to your office.

Please be specific with answer for location and preference for furnished - unfurnished apartment as just need some information so I can do my research. Avoid commenting "Depends on your budget etc. :D"

Most Indians live in Brickfields. I know you said to avoid it "depends on your budget" but it really does. An average furnished 3BHK condo in brickfields costs around 2000RM.

However, the brickfields area is not seen as a good area by a lot of people due to it being somewhat unsafe and dirty. If you can afford it I would pick living in the Mont Kiara area.

The mont kiara area is one of the most expensive areas of KL but there is a huge expat population there because of the 2 international schools (GISKL and MKIS). This area is also good if you have a family and it is easy to commute to anywhere if you have a car. The average furnished 3 BHK condo in mont kiara is around 3500RM per month. This maybe expensive but I think its worth it!

To answer your other question, most expats prefer to rent fully furnished because it is a big pain to sell the furniture when you leave or even when you change houses, it is difficult to move the furniture. Also some other good places to live in KL are Bangsar and Ampang

Well, Brickfields (KL Sentral, Mid-Valley) has the concentration of Indians but really there is no area that doesnt have Indians. It depends on their economics/employment but there is no shortage.

I stayed in PWTC in KL and left because so jammed. I went to Taman Tun near Jusco and liked it much better, then to Sri Damansara (after the IKEA toll) and that was OK too. KL has many areas that are nice and clean without super high cost. You can look a map to see their relationships to KL.

Bangsar is a nice area where u have lots of good indian restaurants and if u like a happening night life, there are lots of pubs and drinking areas there. Bangsar is close to the city centre and u can take train from Bangsar if u don't want to drive. Bangsar is also close to Brickfields where u can get the indian foods supplies there easily but i don't recommend to stay in that area as it is a rough area for expat to live there, we local call the area black area as lots of crimes happens there.
As an expat better to get a fully furnished property coz there is no value for second hand furnitures in malaysia.

Along with above answers, it also depends the number of people moving. If single there are options for one BHK and those are mainly near kl areas slightly high priced at times since these are full of expats. If moving eit family, then useful to go for a 2bhk or 3bhk closer to supermarket and schools. Hope helps.

Agree that Bangsar, Brickfields and Mont Kiara wins the race. Could you also suggest name of condos in any of this locations where we can get a fully furnished 2bhk unit for a budget of approx RM 1500. Excluding Palm Court please :-)

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