Renting or buying inexpensive furniture

Hello everyone:) I've heard that one can rent furniture for short or long term in KL (in case we get an unfurnished or partially furnished place). Can anyone tell me where I could rent from and price range for simple bedroom, living room and dining room sets?

Or else suggest a place to buy inexpensive furniture?

Thanks a lot!

As this is a hypothetical question, you can find cheap furniture providers by looking on

Thank you:)

Hi Newexpat82, if you are still around and looking we found the best option was a combination of Ikea furniture and another furniture supplier in Bandar Utama.

The pricing of furniture rentals/leasing seemed very high and buying actually cost us almost half as much than renting for one year.

Thanks for your reply:) Considering the cost we will first try to find a fully furnished apartment maybe we will get lucky.

last month, i visited their furniture is not expansive but they can ship to other UK.

Thank you #Gravitas. i just found some good furniture on and they can ship to UK.

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