Finding pet friendly accommodation near Bandar Sunway

My husband has just been offered a job in KL, or more specifically in the Bandar Sunway area. I'm trying to search online for pet-friendly rentals, preferably a house/bungalow/terrace, something with a courtyard or garden. Nothing that I've come up with so far is anywhere near there, and I'm having trouble navigating the real estate web sites.

I'd appreciate if anyone could suggest any housing estates in the area that might be pet-friendly, and/or any of the real estate web sites that allow one to specify this as a filter.

Usually for landed property nothing is specifically mentioned about pets. They are allowed but at the discretion of the landlord - and only two dogs per address. So you will need to specifically ask the agent/owner.  Info about dog-friendliness is not available either for the few condos that permit dogs. It is a grey area and owner/management committee discretion.

I definitely get that it's up to the individual landlords. What I'm trying to work out is whether it's also up to the management for the housing estates.

For example, Desa Park City is said to be "dog-friendly", although of course individual landlords may not allow dogs. Other housing estates don't mention being pet-friendly - does that mean that dogs aren't allowed at all in those estates?

I think what it means is at Desa Park City you can take your dog and let it free in the park. That is not the usual case.

The enclaves vary. Some don't even allow dogs in homes. It's case by case.

Malaysia runs on Facebook - this is what I found by doing a search on "dog friendly kl" (there may be more, I just stopped with these 4).

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I found in taman dagang ampang but couldnt take it alo e i was need sharing

Yes, I understand that some enclaves might not allow pets at all :-(

What I'm trying to work out is whether there is any way of finding out this information apart from asking individual real estate agents about specific rental listings. Do the enclaves / developments have on their web sites anything about whether they allow pets in general? Or are there any search sites that allow you to specify "pet friendly" as a criteria (as we can here in Australia)?

No you will need to check once you find properties that interest you ( or etc).

The links above are quite helpful :-)) 

Being multicultural - some things are just not mentioned or dwelled on........

We are in the same situation. Have you heard of anything?

No - there are lots of houses on the real estate web sites that are like what we want, but no mention of pets anywhere. We will just have to contact the real estate agents directly I think.

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