Dog friendly condo in Desa ParkCity

Hi guys,
I was just wondering if the condominiums in Desa ParkCity are dog friendly? Particularly Westside III. And if it is not, could anyone suggest some dog friendly condos?  :)
Thank you for your time!  :gloria

Hopefully someone reading your query lives in Westside III and is familiar with the Managements House Rules about keeping pets. Alternatively, you could visit the management office and ask them yourself.

You should also be aware that a lot of issues arise about keeping pets because irrespective of the condo's own rules about keeping pets, the Strata Title Act actually does allow a person to keep one small pet in a condominium, as far as I remember, as long as it is not a nuisance to other inhabitants of the building.

In the last condominium I lived in there was a no pet policy, but still some people did keep dogs and the management while unhappy about it could not enforce their rule about not keeping pets. In fact, I was a Council member in that particular condo and one of my good friends, a Datuk, was also a Council member there, but one particular tenant with a dog, a Japanese family, were my friends. The Datuk objected strongly to the dog being in the condo because he was a Muslim, and lived in the same block as the Japanese family and would often argue with them in the lift since Malays often do not like dogs nor want to be in a lift with a dog.

Aside from this problem, you will also need to find a landlord who accepts tenants with a dog. In all my tenancy agreements I specifically include a clause forbidding dogs because I have seen the damage they can do to furniture, front doors and the smell they sometimes cause.

I know I am very late to the party here, but several of the condos in DPC have furry tenants. My husband and I have spoken to the management at these condos.

Dog-friendly condos located in Desa Parkcity:
Dogs of all sizes are welcome here as long as they don't cause too much noise and management is pretty easygoing.

If you have a small dog you are fine. However, management doesn't appear to like bigger sized dogs and disapproved of our medium sized dog when we showed them a picture - he is a local breed, size is bigger than a Shiba but smaller than a Lab. This was around June 2019. But! I have *recently* seen big dogs coming in and out of there...

3. The Westside 1
Management resembles One Central Park, small dogs are not a problem here. Bigger dogs, maybe. My friend is currently renting there and has a medium sized dog as well, management made a fuss a year ago but my friend still lives there and her dog is fine.

4. The Westside 2
Stricter management. Small dogs are okay, but bigger dogs are definitely targeted. You'll likely face more problems here with the management if your dog(s) are medium/big.

5. The Westside 3
Same as Westside 2.

Happy hunting!

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