Can anyone recommend where the condo is close to alice smith?

Hi everyone.
My family is going to move to Kl, And my kids will attend at Alice smith primary school.
Can anyone help me to know any convenient and safe condo near Alice smith?
It's so hard to find a house. I want a condo.
And do most students go to school in their parents' cars?

I would appreciate even a little advice. =)

To be honest, people who send their kids to Alice Smith school live allover KL, but areas  like Bangsar, South Bangsar, Mid-Valley, Cheras, KL Sentral and even Bukit Bintang are all within relatively short commuting distance to get to Alice Smith.

I always drove my kids to school (in Bangsar) , and I have no idea if Alice Smith have school buses, that is something you will need to ask them. Alternatively, some parents who live in the same area as you might agree to do pooling and take turns to pick up your kids to bring them to school. But don't bet on that as not all parents want to take responsibility for carrying other people's kids in their car.

There is a Korean community in Mount Kira and Sri Hartamas where they have many Korean shops, supermarkets and Korean restaurants run by Koreans including some great bakeries. But that is further away.

My recommendation is to choose a condo in Bangsar, South Bangsar, KL Sentral or Mid-Valley as these are the nicer areas to live and not too far from Alice Smith School.

Thanks a lot ! This is very helpful!
Finding house is quite difficult. :huh: There are many condos and I don't know where condo is kids friendly.
Could you please name some and it would be huge help.
Have a nice weekend. =)

It really depends on your budget, how many bedrooms, do you need a pool, gym, kiddies area etc.

And also there are just so many condos so difficult to name them all. And how far away from Alice Smith School are you willing to live? Which areas will you consider? Will you have a car to drive the kids to school?

If I were in your position and had the budget of MYR3k - 4k, then I would be looking at Bangsar, South Bangsar, KL Sentral.

In KL Sentral there is Sentral Residences, high end condo and expensive but luxury and very well equipped. There is also Suasana Sentral (lots of Indian residents) and Suasana Sentral Loft (newer and better than Suasana Sentral).

In South Bangsar there is KL Sentral. I have an apartment here and rented out to a Japanese couple. The place is very nice with a mall below including a supermarket, LRT station for trains, and nice for kids. Rents are MYR3k upwards for a 2 bedroom apartment. There are other condos here too but without the mall.

Bangsar has just so many condos. An old one but excellent one is Sri Wangsaria. Rents are around MYR3k to 4k for a 2 bedroom, and 4k to 5k for 3 bedroom. They have children's playroom, tennis, pool, gym, restaurant downstairs that delivers to your apartment, salon etc. But there are so many more condos here.

But so much depends on your budget. I've lived at Sri Wangsaria and it was great.

Another condo is called Robson Heights which is also a bit old but well established and well known. You can see it's location on google maps. It is near the Thean Hou temple which is not all that far away from Alice Smith School. Perhaps it is worth to consider.

If you go to one of the online property websites you can find out the rental rates for living in any of these places. try to look on iproperty and Star Property.

You are so kind!
Thank you for your kind and detailed explanation.
The budget I thought is similar to the budget you talked about.. 3K ~ 4K is best for me, but depending on the place I can consider more.  :)
I value kids friendly places. I would like a place with more school friends than tourists. :lol:
I'll check the condo you talked about.
To say thank you is not enough.  :top:

You are most welcome and hope you find the best place possible.

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