Looking for Pet friendly flats/condos in KL

Hi Friends,

I am planning to move to KL in coming months and planning to bring my Dog (Very friendly Labrador female) and a cat with me. Could you please suggest me any properties where pets are allowed? I heard that its a rule in KL that pets are not allowed in Flats and Condos.

Hi Andy, it depends on where you want to be located in KL. The condo next to Great Eastern Mall allows dogs.

Thanks Fiona,

My workplace would be near sri petaling. So I will prefer staying in that area. I would be glad if you could give me info on any apartments/condos that allow pets.

Oh sorry. Am not acquainted with that area. Hopefully someone else can help you. Good luck. Am sure you'll find something.

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Thanks Henry,

I have sent an email to you, I would be glad if you could help me out with the condo/flat where pets are allowed.

Hi, I have just sent you an email for a possible accommodation where pets are allowed in the housing area.  Appreciate if you could have a look and see if you are interested to pursue further.  Thank you for your time.  Regards, Pink

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Thanks SPE,

I have sent you a PM to get more information on these types of Codos.

Others, I am still looking for the right place in Sri Petaling Area, please help me.

Well I am not sure if my reply suffices ,still I think in Sri Petalling Area,there's this condo named Endah Villa where I have seen many ppl strolling with their pets in the afternoons.you can definitely check out for ads out for rent in this condo.


I just wanted to ask if you guys know any house/apartment/condominium for rent near Petaling Jaya Seksyen 51a? I don't mind if it is not close in my work area but I think the accomodation should be near an LRT station. I'm planning to bring my 2 shih tzu dogs here in MY and I'm having a hard time looking for accomodations that allow pets.


Hi, I'm currently looking for a room or either a unit sharing with pet lovers.
I have 3 furkids which are shih tzu, chihuahua and a small bunny.
Feel free to contact me 0165553105 for further discussion.

there are only new condos there so most new ones don't allow pets..There are pet friendly condos in Bangsar, Mont Kiara, Old Klang Road, Aman Suria etc..(moderated: no free ads here please)

Hi :-)

I'm also looking for a  Master room/studio but just for short stay for a couple in Petaling jaya,section 17 or near the mines,but a normal price, like some one is going back to their country  for sometime and wants some one to replace them for 1 or 2 months...satarting from July or August ...

Thanks everyone :-)

Budjet from (500-1000 RM)
can pay a bit more depending on the place

adele, where will you stay after the 2 months? Im afraid I have not heard of this type of arragement here yet. If you have a pet its best to stay in a proper place that allows pets . Pets have a difficult time in Malaysia as people are not very kind towards them.pls be extra considerate in you plans and lifestyle for your pets sake.

Hello Adele31,

I suggest that you post an ad in the Properties for rent in Kuala Lumpur section for your search.

Expat.com Team

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Hi Anand any luck finding a place. I am also moving in a month and would require a dog friendly apartment.

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Hi, i am still looking anywhere near pj. I have one golden retriever 4 years old. Heard of great eastern mall, do they allow big dogs ?
Desa park ?
Looking for landed house first with field preferably:))

Something to cheer you up, people with furry friends!
Take your furr babies to one of these places for a treat after finding your best pet-friendly condo or residential area in KL. CIAO eforericyong.blogspot.my/2011/07/10-best-pet-friendly-places-in-klang.html

Hi There,
can i have access to your blog to check out the pet friendly prices in KL Malaysia?
Many thanks.

i have a friend who bought a condo in ViPOD KLCC area... in his sales and purchase agreement, its mentioned that small pet is allowed. They have 2 cute and friendly cat persian cat with them.
Hope this helps.

Hi there, would appreciate if someone could kindly PM me a list of condos that allows small dog too. We are currently looking for places either in PJ, Bangsar or KL, preferably someplace newer if possible. Thanks in advance.

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Hello, we are moving to KL with a small toy poodle, did you find something? Have any suggestions? Thanks!!


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Good morning, I'm currently looking for place to stay around Kuala Lumpur or Selangor. I have a pet kitten and she will be living with me in the room.Is there any suggestion?

Hello diveyaa94,

You will have to drop an advert in the proper section of the website.

- Housing in Kuala Lumpur

Thanks in adance,

You can check mudah.my and iproperty :)


Did you manage to find the condo that allows big dogs? Mine is a golden retriever male puppy 5months old now.

Can someone help me with the condos please? My daughter will be going to ISKL and we are looking for something with a proximity of 20-39mins travel to school.

Will appreciate your help.

Kind regards


Did you get any response on your request? We are also looking for dog friendly condo's.

Any help is welcome!

Best regards,


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