Jobs for Biologist?

Hello Everyone,

I have been living in Germany since 2014. I moved here on a student visa. I finished my masters in Biology in 2017.I studied in English at the University of Ulm. I have molecular biology experience and other experiences that I won't take your time to mention. I have been applying for over a year now. I am also improving my German at the Volkshochschule. I am currently at level B1. Who has experience with finding a job after studying biology or something related?

I really need to know where I am not getting it right...

I replied to your other post with basically the same content.
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Maybe the market for biologists is not so good at the moment? And while your German might meet minimal requirements, being less than fluent will always put one at a disadvantage. Yes, there can be jobs in the sciences for English speakers but more likely for ones with a doctor title in areas of high academic or research.

Otherwise, one needs to really impress on job interviews; not just that they feel one is qualified but also a good match to the actual job and eventual co-workers. Appearing insecure, shy, overly arrogant or otherwise not making a good personal impression can be a determining factor that nobody here can judge with the information given.

Some people need coaching as they don’t have experience presenting themselves well. I doubt there is a magic answer that anyone can give to say; oh, since you are a foreigner you just have to do x or y to succeed.

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