Spousal Visa Documentation

Hello everyone! I've been overthinking again.  :dumbom:
I'm an American in the process of working of my spousal visa application to live with my husband in the UK. We were married in a US courthouse, and have our marriage certificate, but I was wondering if the certificate needed to be notarized or certified by a solicitor? It's the original document, but I just wanted to make sure.
Also: Do our passport copies need to be certified by a solicitor? Should we just take copies of our main passport page, or should I include the pages that have my visitor visas to the UK on them?

Also also: My husband and I use imessage to communicate when we aren't around one another, and haven't used whatsapp. Does anyone know of a way to export imessage chat logs?The logs on our phones only go so far back, and I don't want to just not include any evidence of us communicating.

I'm sorry if these questions have just been done to death, and appreciate your patience!

Hi again.

In general, all government supplied documentation (so, birth certificates, marriage certificates) have to be notarized by the Government department responsible for their issue in your home country; if I recall correctly, in the US it's a State responsibility.

The UK Gov website lists other document and who can notarize these; this link will take you there.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

I see your problem, because I've had this problem. Their are rules. You need to verify the documents you've got. Preferably with an official, active authority. In US you should have no trouble. But... any documents you are issued from outside of UK,  you should always try to make sure they are foolproof.  Having said that, don't be surprised if UK still gives you big delays.
My situation is more complicated because my partner is from Nepal.  You are from USA. But my bitter experience/s shows me they love to kick easy targets.  Good Luck.

One more thing!! You need to supply a copy of every single page of passport.  Every page including blank, unused pages. And scan, so you have a record for yourself!

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