English Schools in kuwait

does anyone happen to  know if any of these schools on the list are good and have a good reputation  and what the fees are .I would really really appreciate it.

Gulf english school
kuwait international english school
brittish school of kuwait
the english school
new english school
gulf british academy


I know that British School of Kuwait, The English School and New English School are considered among the best. You can find a nice overview of school fees for 2017 here:

http://www.lifeinkuwaitblog.com/2017/09 … -2017.html

Surely nobody is as brainless to just take an opinion from a stranger over something as important as the education of their children?

An opinion is only just that.... an opinion...

Be clear what your criteria is...cost , travelling fees, school fees, adoption of Uk or US curriculum etc. Then ask to be showed around theses schools. If they wont show you round or you feel you are not being shown everything draw your own conclusion

The biggest schools dont necessarily get the best results for everyone, they are not necessarily the most effective just the most successful at marketing.

Your list is by no means exhaustive . There are British schools outside the sixth ring road.

umm i dont have children.  i m familiar with the brittish curriculum and stuff i just wanted to know about the repuation  before my brother or i could  apply. You cant find much information , i guess youre right , its important to go there and look around.

thank you sir   , i really appreciate it  , its exactly what i was looking for :D

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