Residing in Pescara

Is anyone familiar with Pescara? Pescara is one of the city where I am contemplating on residing while regaining my Italian citizenship. Can anyone provide an insight in the city such as a good area to look for apartment, are there expats living in the area and is anyone dealt with the "commune" in matters such as this?
Grazie, Nico

Pescara is a decent size City with good places to shop,eat, drink.  Would be a good option to live. My GF and I live 25Km away.

Molto grazie

see here tell them Christian sent you

search for Giampietro Immobiliare

Hi Christian , Thank you for the suggestion. If I am able to reside in Pescara I will look up this immobiiare. I had vised Pescara a couple of years ago and liked the feel. I love the sea (sailing) and love the mountains (skiing) and I feel Pescara is in a good location to join both. However, the issue is that I had to choose a city  to reside a couple of weeks ago when I visited  the consulate here in the US. I chose Roma as I have family there. I hope I am able to switch residence when I am there in January.
Thank you, Nick

Good fortune with the relocation!

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