Artist wanting to move to a city with an art community

Hi all,
I am going to retire and be divorced soon, I have been building a career as an artist for the last 4 years.
(I was somewhat successful before I was married and had children.) Now that my girls have grown and are off to college, I have decided to investigate cities with good art communities that are ripe with possibilities. Venice seems like a logical choice. Can anyone give advice?

Venice? Why not?
Do you qualify for a visa?

I haven't applied yet. I am still searching cities with excellent ar roots.
Is it hard to get a visa?

It depends, as there are several types of visas. … ng-living/

I will do. I saw that are several different types of visas. Looking to obtain a long-term type.
Have a great day.
Do you ever get tired of Venice?

For your information: … ence-visa/ … italy.html

Italy is a natural place for artists to delight in its varied landscapes, buildings and festivals all are inspirational and make very attractive pictures. Venice is lovely but quite small & very expensive, you would have to live outside and travel in unless money is not a concern?
Could I suggest you don't settle on any one place and do the 'tour' until you find the area that connects with your heart and artists eye? Here it is easy to rent a mobile home, many Italian's and other Europeans do every summer, and explore, stopping as an when you like before settling down.

We live in the central area near Citta Della Pieve ( on the Tuscan/Umbrian border) and within 30 mins the views change dramatically from green rolling hills to the chalky rugged landscape on the other side of Mt Cetona and the hot springs, to the tranquillity of Lake Trasimeno and atop of every hill is a gem of a  town, hamlet or castle.

As you travel you will also discover costs vary as much as the countryside from petrol to comune taxes ( pop into estate agencies and ask) also foods, although it used to be VERY regional, merging is happening now so we can now see spaghetti carbonara on menus, but styles of food, pasta in particular and vegetables, still dominate in traditional eateries, as a visit to them and the fresh markets will reveal.

Good Luck and have fun, Italy is an artist's paradise and you'll marvel at the natural colours especially the infinite blue skies.
M Hunt

Thank you to take time to answer my inquiry.
Your information is valuable to me. It has cleared up questions I had about what to do.

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