Multiple entry visit visa!

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I am applying for my wife one year multiple entry visit visa ! When I asked the agent whats the procedure he said me that if you take multiple entry visit visa for one year then every 30 days your wife need to exit saudi And reenter it? Is it true?Because as it is mentioned that a applicant can stay maximum 180 and then exit and come back! So can you help me out please that when i apply for one year multiple entry visit visa what will be the days of stay for here initially?(90 or 180)!if it is 90 days then i can visit absher and extend it to more 90 days and then exit saudi and reenter again?

Hi! Ok let me get this straight, you are applying for Saudi Exit-re entry visa, that means your wife is Iqama holder and she is  inside Saudi Arabia. She wants to leave the country on Multiple Exit - Entry visa.  Now here are facts and procedure:
1. You have to specify no. of months e.g. 3 months or 6 months visa.

2. She has to exit the country within 180 days when visa is issued, otherwise a fine 1000 SR will apply. Once out, she can come back multiple times within the validity of the visa given i.e. 3 or 6 months of what you have applied.

3. She does not have to come every 30 days as the agent has informed you. May be he is referring to business visa that requires exiting the country every 30 days.

4. Bear in  mind that 1 month = 30 days when applying exit - entry visa. Date like 31 (Georgian) will be counted a full month.

5. I did not see any option to extend Exit-re entry within Absher. I think only you can extend visit visas. I am not sure about that.

bro. i have same questuon i got my wife multipul visit visa for 2 years, some body told me she want to go out side the kingdome every 3 month. and frnds told me every one month. can i extend my wife visa after 3 month or not . pls suggest and reply me...

On a visit visa, she has to abide by the days of stay listed on it.  In most cases, it is 30 days.  Depending on some factors, you can get it extended a few times (people have had varying luck with that nowadays) but after that, she MUST exit for the visa to be reset to a new stay. She CANNOT stay continuously throughout the two years - if you want to do that, get her an Iqama.

bro, but this is 2 years multipul visa for 2 years .. when she came and stay here 2.5 month so can i extend his visa or not.. note this is not business visa.... pls sugesst me

You are not clear - What does it say on the visa in terms of days of stay? And are you talking about extending her stay or her visa validity?

For stay, if it says on visa 30 days, then it can be extended up to 5-6 times.  If it is 90 days, then 2 more times.  But sometimes, they refuse to extend it especially if you didn't file the request BEFORE the expiry of the time period of 30 or 90 days.  Also, each subsequent extension becomes more difficult depending on the mood of the person in immigration.

Hi all,
I’m on multiple entry visit visa. After 6 month of stay in KSA, I came back to India and planning to return to KSA after 2 months. Is there anything like I should return to KSA within 30 days or something like that?
Just wanted to know whether my visa will be canceled if I stay for 2 months in India.
Please help...

Brother, My case is same, Please can you share your number, just private message me.

No a visit visa doesn't have any requirements for entry time limits.  You can literally get a visa for 1 year and not enter Saudi till the last month before expiry and it will be valid.

My husband have saudi iqama and has multiple exit re entry due to work, now he want to go final exit but kafeel saying that final exit can't be done until multiple exit re entry visa finishes (he already traveled thrice on this visa,it will finish in feb2019).
Pls suggest the possible the way to cancel multiple exit re entry visa.

Only his sponsor can do that.  And of course it can be done through Absher by them.

Hi, if I get 2 years multiple visit visa, my family every 90 days must be exit and re entry in ksa, or
Continue stay 2 years please tell me

All of this has been discussed.  Read the thread in the future.

Exit every 90 days unless you extend to 180 days.  But after 180 days, they MUST exit and re-enter.

Dear X tang, i heard if they extend and stay upto 180 days then they cannot back on same visa, i got this info by.passport office jawazat

If it is a 6 month visa, of course.

We are discussing 2 year visas.  If extension is allowed on those to 180 days, you can exit and re-enter without any problems.

Thanks a lot, ur advice was really very helpful

Salamualykum To All Of You.
Can anyone help me out of this .
My wife is on visit visa with multiple exit entry for 1year. Then is she need to exit after 180days if got extended. If so, then what's the meaning of multiple entry Exit Entry. Plz explain.
Jazak Allahu khairan Thanks.

That means she can enter and exit KSA as many times as she likes.  But cannot stay for more than a certain number of days for each entry.


I brought my family on 1 Year Multiple Exit Reentry Visit Visa (KSA) which is valid till September 2019. But I need my family to go on final exit in June 2019 and bring back them back again on another 1 year visit visa.

Is is possible to make final exit on Multiple Entry Visit visa? If so, can you please let me know how it could be done?

Final exit is only for Iqamas.  Just have them leave before visa expiry and re-apply for another visa from your home country.

Thank You for your reply. After the 6 months expiration of 1 Year multiple exit reentry visit visa, the visitor should make an exit and reenter Saudi. For this the people used to go to the Bahrain bridge and made the exit reentries. But I hear that now the Saudi government is not accepting the reentries without the immigration of the other countries before the reentry. i.e One should enter Bahrain and exit before reentering Saudi. Is that so? Can you please let me know?

First of all, it's not called final exit. As I said, final exit is only for iqama. What you are referring to is leaving after allowed days of stay and re-entering to restart.  That wasn't clear from your initial post as you were talking about something else altogether.

Secondly, search the forum. I have commented on many threads related to this. Saudi is not allowing most people to exit and re-enter like this. In most cases you need to have a visa for Bahrain.

Brother do we have to pay for exit re entry for this multiple entry visit visa?

Brother do we have to pay for exit and re entry for multiple entry visit visa ?

No. I already wrote clearly above.

Thank You

Assalamu alaikum
my family came in saudi arbia on 1 year multiple visit visa on july 2018 end but now visa validity 180 days is expiring. so i am planning to send back to india January 2019 end and bring them back to saudi first week of march  2019.
My question is that once they come back the validity of stay start from entry date??
After 90 days of stay in saudi can i extend Visa validy to 180 Days using Absher????

Please Reply ASAP

Yes and yes.

And all these questions have been answered hundreds of time on the forums.  You need to use the search button in the future.  Pasting the same question to me in private message and asking for mobile number is not courteous.

I have my 180 days multiple entry visit visa and is still valid for another 2 months ,  i got this from my current company and now i want to change the company. The new company will provide me the iqama, so can you please guide me what to do. I mean do i need to cancel my old visa to get a new one, because my current company may not cancel or may hold my salary. so what is the procedure to get rid of this things.
many Thanks

It doesn't matter.  Once  you apply for your Iqama, they will stamp a different work visa.   You will enter on that work visa and get a new border number.   And secondly, if it is a visit visa, then you are not supposed to work on it anyway and the company can easily hold the salary (as you are not an employee).   But they can't prevent you from leaving or switching jobs.  The only things they can do is hold salary or cancel visa (preventing you from exiting).

I had the same situation i.e. business visa valid for 180 days.  I exited and applied for my work visa, entered, got new border number, did medical and got my Iqama.

Thanks for the information

Hi, Sorry to raise the same issues but now I find my Visa to be a WORK VISIT VISA for 180 days, MULTIPLE ENTRY and Maximum no. of days stay is 30 days.

so is it possible to cancel without the consent of my previous company, since I am working as a consultant and my company arranged the visa by the name of another company. so now i want to cancel and get an employment visa from different company. But the problem is if I resign they will hold my salary.

Kindly suggest if possible

Not sure if work visit visa would need to be cancelled before applying. Suggest to go ahead and apply anyway as the mechanics should be same as business visit visa. As both are visit visas.

Brother. The same situation for me also. If you get any info regarding the above please let me know.

Hi - I have a MERV which expires May 7. Can my company extend it before it expires or does it have to expire first? thanks

Depends on which consulate you will apply.  For example, the one in Bahrain, only accepts applications in the last week of expiry.  Others might be more liberal.

Can it be done via absher?

No.  It will be a new visa.   I am assuming you are talking about a visit visa.

If it's a re-entry exit visa and you have an Iqama; then it can be renewed anytime.  But not by you; by your employer in their system.

Salam Alaikum,
My wife and my child are on 2 years multiple entry visit visa somebody told me that it can be extend for more 180 days but once you extend it, it will automatically become a single entry visit visa and when you send them back they cannot come back on that visa.
My second question is, is there a procedure or fees for exit re entry them to kingdome or the airport staff will do all the process

Wrong.  Cannot be extended beyond 180 days without exit.

No procedure or fees for exit re-entry.

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