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My Family is in a 1 Year Multiple Exit Reentry Visa which will actually expire in September 2019. But we need to go on vacation in July 2019. Is it possible to apply for a new 1 Year Multiple Exit Reentry Visa before the expiration date which is September 2019?

No.  Most Saudi consulates will not entertain requests in advance of expiry dates.  Some allow only 3-4 days before and others a week or two before.

Brother how you apply 2 years multiple visa for your wife kindly guide me because I want to apply multiple visa for my wife.

Assalamwalaikum can I get visit visa in Ramadan?

Assalamwalaikum can u plz answer my questions also?

Xtang. My wife and children got 2years multiple visa .on visa written 90stay.who can I extend more days ?


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As far as I know, if staying continuously, a 2 year multiple visit visa with a stay of 90 days, can be extended for more 90days via Absher on payment of 100 sar, without exiting the kingdom, and the date of expiry on Absher will change to +90 days more.

After the competition of  extra 90 more days that means, after the competition of staying in kingdom for 180 days continuously from the date of entry into the kingdom, the visitor has to exit the Kingdom & re enter to extend the expiry date of this 2 years multiple visit visa on Absher.

I’ve got a 2 year multiple visit visa for my wife, with the duration of stay mentioned on it as 90 days.
When I checked my Absheer, it’s showing the visit visa expiry date of 90 accordingly.

She stayed here in the kingdom for a month (30 days) & returned back & is now out of kingdom.

To be clear enough, she entered kingdom on 30 may & left kingdom on 30 june & as per Absher the expiry date of this 2 year multiple visit visa is on 30 August.

Well, my issue is, is it compulsory for her to be present the in kingdom before 30 August to extend the visit visa for 90 days more via Absher or can it be extended  even if the visitor is outside the kingdom?

Prompt & accurate response will be appreciated

I think you are confusing two things i.e. days of stay and expiry of visa.

Days of stay can be extended from 90 to 180 BUT she has to be in the Kingdom.  The visa expiry remains the same but she can stay for 90 more days beyond expiry if she is in the Kingdom.

Can a saudi visit visa holder, means non Iqama holder (Indian), apply for Bahrain 1 year multiple visit E-visa?

After the approval of 1 year multiple visit visa of Bahrain, can they can travel through King Fahd Causeway to enter Bahrain?

My family entered KSA on 28/feb/2019, on a 90 days single entry visit visa, I extended via Absher on 28/May/2019 & the expiry date on absher got changed to 28/aug/2019.

I had applied for a new 2 year multiple visit visa in June, while my family was already here in the KSA on a 3 month single entry visit visa which was going to expire in August.

Alhamdulliah, while they were still in the kingdom, my application for 2year multi visit visa still got approved & I received the visa.

Assalm o alikum.

My wife is here on two year multiple entry visit visa stay was here 90 days. she stayed here 70 days now i am sending back to Pakistan. Even i did not renewed its stay. My question is that how much days she can stay in Pakistan and in his absence do i need to renew visit visa and second thing how much time she will stay in Pakistan these day will be include in 2 years or only how many days she has stayed here it will be count days in two years.
for More clear questing after 70 days i am sending back to Pakistan. Can she stay in Pakistan 8 or 9 months and then she can come back on the same visa or she has to come back before expiring visit visa date which is 20 days to be expire from first 90 days.


Walakum As Salaam,
As far as I know, Visit visa of 90 days can be extended for more 90 days via. Absher only if the status of the visitor is inside the kingdom, better send her after extension to avoid confusion.

Secondly, irrespective of where ever she stays, either inside the kingdom or outside the kingdom, the period of 2 years visit visa will expire in 2 years from the date of first entry into the kingdom. We just have to be careful that during extension of visa, her status should be inside the kingdom.

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One thing stay is clear for me.
Other thing even i have renewed visa now of two year multiple entry has stayed 200 days now remaining stay validity is 70 days now if my wife will stay in Pakistan 7 or 8 months she can stay there and can come on same visa and in that stay in Pakistan i have to renewed here visa or no need..


Hi Dear,

My wife has two year multiple entry visa.  She can stay 9 or 10 months continuously in the home country and can come on the same visa.
Second thing she will stay 10 month in home country visa should be renewed in his absence or no need to renewed.


It's very urgent please
How long a person can stay in india if she has 2 year visit visa with multiple entry status.
Thanks in advance

Hi. I hold a Family Visit Visa (Multiple)  with husband sponsorship. I do not hold Iqama. I came on 28th July and I need to exit Saudi Arabia for some business home and come back after 2 weeks. Do I need to apply an Exit-Reentry Visa or no need? Sorry, it may be a simple question but please enlighten me. Thanks in advance.

No need, you can just go and come back.

Thank you so much!!!👍 :)

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