Can I print my own IPA?

Hi, my s pass has been approved already but they haven't send me my IPA yet. But the thing is i want to go back to SG already, i'm here in malaysia just to wait for the result. Then the hr told me that they will send it on monday instead so i'm gonna be stuck here few days again and need to spend again to pay foy my rent here. Is there anyway i can have my IPA so i can go back to sg or only the employer can give it to you? Thanks

Once work pass approved, MoM sends an email with a link to print out IPA letter.

If your employer forwards the link that will help you to download the IPA or else employer sends the IPA letter (in PDF format). The entire process takes less than a minute, so don't understand why your employer didn't forward or provide the IPA letter.

In this situation, you have to wait then. Good luck

The Hr only told me that she just received the approval letter but she didn't have the IPA yet, also she's out in the office because they having job fair and to get the IPA she must have the access to get it.  I just don't understand if how they get the IPA, is it the mom will send it in thier email? Because someone told me that it needs to have a company password to get that IPA.  Thanks for the help

Since the fact that you have a valid IPA is stored in the immigration database, you could try to just travel to Singapore. If worst comes to worse, you could enter on a tourist (visit) visa on arrival and change that once your HR is up to it.

I was on the same situation a month ago, I was waiting for my pass, approved. In the afternoon, next day morning. My hr sent me. only the employer/hr can give you the copy.

How to download my own ipa

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You will be informed about your IPA by your employer. You don't need a printout.

Can I print my own IPA?

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