Naturalization as a parent of brazilian child

Planning to go to Sao Palo after one year outside Brazil for naturalization knowing the following:

- We have RNE and CPF
-All our docs are teanslated into portugese (Marriage, birth etc)
-our son’s passport

I heard that in order to apply for naturalization I must be staying in Brazil for one year (which didnt happen) due to my work to support my child in the middle east. However, I didnt find this statement in the brazilian law about the one year uninterrupted stay!

Please let me know more about

- What is the process and the required docs and portugese test
- if there is someone who can help us there to finalize this process safely


Hi Darwish000,

Questions about naturalization are frequently asked on the Brazil forum. Read this thread : Naturalisation and citizenship in Brazil, it will provide you with useful informations. You can then come back if you have any other questions.

Best of luck.
Anas, team :)

After publication of candidate´s name in official diary of naturalization, after how many days he/she may attend electoral court to register his/her name?

You will need to goto IGP and get your finger prints registered and get your official Brazilian ID issued.  Afterwards you will need to get registered with the military and goto your nearest voting center and get your details registered with them.

what and where is IGP? and I have to take a fixed date for registration with them. I apply in another city and now I study in another city.

and what is naturalização provisoria? some names have been published with the term provisoria...

Provisional naturalization is a special type of naturalization for children under the age of 10.

IGP is Instituto Geral de Pericias

Please google this along with the name of your city in order to find the closest location. 

Goto them with your Protocolo and a print out of the portaria. They should be able to do the needful from there.

and I applied in another city and now I am living in another city to complete my study. Can I attend IGP of the city where I did not apply?

after how many days, I may attend IGP? Has it a special duration of time?

You can go on the same date that your name gets published in the portaria!

You can attend any IGP Branch.  It doesn’t matter what your location is.

Can I delay as I am busy with my exams of university? Till how months can i delay it?

A pessoa referida nesta Portaria deverá comparecer perante a Justiça Eleitoral para o devido cadastramento,.... what does it mean? where is justiça eleitoral?

You will have to locate that address in your city so you can register to vote!


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