Help recovering my Brazilian birth certificate

Hi everyone,

It seem I have hit a brick wall in trying to get a copy of my Brazilian birth certificate.  I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1965 then my family moved to the USA in 1972. Unfortunately, our house burned down in 1977 and as a result family records were destroyed - including my Brazilian passport and birth certificate.

Today I have decided to get a Brazilian passport.  I don't know where to begin but thought first step would be to get my birth certificate.  I do know what hospital I was born in (although not 100% sure)and originally thought it was a simple matter of locating hospital, contacting them and getting a copy of my birth certificate.  I later learned birth certificate registry is not handled by hospitals but by a government registry office.  Therefore, I would need to locate this registry office - and was told it is not national registry - so crucial I locate the exact registry office my parents registered me in.

My dad has passed away and my mom is not aware which office he used to register my birth.

I went to the Brazilian consulate here in Houston and they couldn't help and suggested i locate a " despachente".

My question is who can recommend a despachente in Sao Paulo that specializes in birth certificates and passports retrieval? 

The despachente I contacted online tell me they need to know registry office before they can help. I want someone who will agree to do the leg work to find the registry office where my birth certificate is located.

Or maybe there are other suggestions someone might have for how I go about getting a Brazilian passport knowing the facts of my story - that I am missing?

Much Thanks

hey  I moved here when I was 4 in 1969

I have my bcertificate - my parents gave it to me when they moved to their retirement home


If your mom can remember the hospital name; the district or area she used to live when you were born then you can start there. If you still have relatives you have in contact with, they might be able to help. If you studied in first grade or kindergarten and remember the location, you might also research all the cartorios in that area to see if you were registered there.

I just hope to God that your registry was not done by an escrivão where he would keep your registry in
his home office. In small areas of Brazil that is still the case. And imagine if his house also burned down!

I´m afraid you might have to do some detective work on this and make a trip to Brazil
and go from one cartorio to another to see if you were registered there.

Fires are common in Brazil and just hope that the same cartorio you were registered in was not also burned. There were no computers at the time to store files to a safer location.

Every country has usually a center to tackle this problem like a national registry
archives. You might want to bring your mom and dad´s birth certificate and any
work records or any paperwork at all to show you were a dependent.

Any cartorio office in São Paulo could lead you to a solution of your problem! So start packing your bags!


I believe that you must register your child in the same area where the child was born, or in the cartorio nearest to the hospital that you were born.

You should direct the embassy Brazil in the USA with a copy of your passport and a copy of the document of the poll that the house has collected with the documents. make an official request and request a stamped copy of the embassy of your request. In Brazil there is bureaucracy and so it takes a long time to do.
if the case is not answered within 30 days, in which case you may send the copies of this document to Brazil in a registered letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brazil, accompanied by a letter stating the situation.

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