English driving course in Bulgaria

Hello Expats,

im living for some time in the beautiful city of Varna and im looking for a driving shool that can teach me in English.

Using google I could only find a single driving shool offering English courses (in theory) http://vasilevi.eu/ . But last time I had conversation with them they could not accept any English speaking customers.

I would be really glad if somebody knew a place to do it in English, no matter where in the country.

Thank you very much!
Best regards,


This gives a list of the learning centres in Varna, you will need to call to see which ones teach in English.

https://rta.government.bg/images/Image/ … varna.html

Thank you very much for the prompt reply!

Has anybody maybe already done the license in english and knows a place?


Do you already have a driving license from Germany?


My son and I've got our driving licenses last year, now I know a wonderful driving school for foreigners and the best teacher in it.

But it is in Sofia...

Just read a comment by someone that there's a driving school in English in Sofia. Request you to pass on the contacts. I am mighty interested in getting a license.
Also anything about your experiences would be great.

What was the driving school in Sofia called?

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