anyone with MBA degree successfully placed in Germany on JS visa!

Hello everyone.
I wish to get JS visa and go to germany to seek employement, havent started the visa process yet.

last 1 month, I have noticed through forums/social media that: maximum number of JS visa aspirants, are engineers who are into software developement or mechanical engineering etc. I see lot of demand of tech/IT jobs in Germany through german job portals.

I have a BTECH and a MBA degree. I work as a supply chain professional, but not a tech/software developement professional.

I would like to interact with and share information with some one who is at Germany on JS Visa or planning to get a JS visa and having management degree.
I have also seen lot of job postings in supply chain field in german portals. There is a language requirement..Business Fluent!!

Reply if you are in similar situation like me.

How is your German language skills, although is some cases English is used you will have a better chance of finding employment with knowing German.

Hi simcityat, thanks for reply.
I came to know about JS visa barely 2 months ago, I have not applied yet, I am doing my research first on the job market, requirements and my scope of getting a job there. I have just started learning German. So, getting into C1 or B2 level is a very big task for me. But I will try for sure.
I have checked some MNC firms career page from their german website. 1 of them mentioned C1 level!
Are you in similar industry - SCM, operations, SCM ERP, or project management? share your views please. thanks. and let me know how can I get more info on employ ability of MBA grads at germany?

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