Which qualification needed to teach in Algeria? help!!

Hello all
I am English & planning to move to Algeria with my husband & son later this year.
He is from a VERY small village in the wilaya of Relizane (north/west) of Algeria.

I currently hold a City & Guilds PTLLS qualification & am also qualified to support teaching and learning for primary schools (NVQ Level2).

I'm not really keen on teaching English as my passion is
web design/graphic design/ICT.

I have taught adults in college as well as supported teaching & learning within a primary school setting, so I have experience in both.
I obviously wouldn't get much calling to teach any of the above so my husband suggests teaching English!

Would I need to do a CELTA/TEFL? or can I just get by with the qualifications I have?
I really don't want to spend that amount of money on a course and childcare AND travel costs when the money could be used to go towards starting up a business or something in Algeria.

Please someone let me know as courses are beginning next week so i'll need to make a quick decision!
Thank you

Hi and welcome on the forum Aisha!

I hope other members will be able to give you some helpful advices soon!


Thank you, i thought this place was dead as nobody replied :( lol

I guess this forum is dead?!? :(

Hi Aisha!

The forum is not dead :)
You just need a little patience and give the time to other members to read your thread ;)

I'm sure that other forumers won't hesitate to give you the right info soon!


Dear  can you corporate with me to open a montisory school but it must be in Algiers

Dear Aisha,
You will be fine with the qualifications you have if you want to work in a private school as they are just extremely happy to have any native speakers. However, I am unfamiliar with the requirements for state school. Depending on whether you speak French or Algerian, you will also find working in a private English school easier as the ethos is that everything should be conducted in English and therefore you should be able to communicate with more people within the work place.

Thank you for your replies! In the village where I will be staying, there are no English schools!
InshaAllah I will find something!
Like I say I would much prefer to teach web/graphic design, but can't see a calling for it there!
Thanks again for the replies, I wish I could move to a bigger place like Oran or Algiers, as there seems to be much more opportunity!

I am also looking for information on private schools with English curriculum in Oran. Kindly share names of private schools, I am not able to get any information. Any information will be highly appreciated.

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