Internship in Algeria

Internship in Algeria
Updated 2015-04-15 08:12

Looking for an internship in Algeria? Find out, in this article, some useful tips to guide you through your search.

Thousands of foreign students and young professionals worldwide wish to acquire professional experience in a resourceful and developed country. Algeria can be the one. Indeed, the country hosts many local, national and international companies which are very open towards foreigners. Moreover, the country's economy is deemed to be one of Africa's major economies with the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

But if you wish to perform an internship there, it is best to be aware of related conditions and formalities to be filled in beforehand. Some research is recommended.

Find an internship

As a foreigner, finding an internship from abroad may not be as easy as you think. Internet can be a useful research tool, but void in some cases as internship offers in Algeria are not likely to post advertisements online. In fact, most recruiters prefer direct contact with applicants. So it is best to be on the spot during your internship hunt.

Once in Algeria, you can seek the assistance of local institutions such as chambers of commerce which can connect you with recruiters. You can also identity a few companies to which you may send spontaneous applications.


To perform an internship in Algeria, some prefer the student visa while others opt for the temporary work permit. In fact, the student visa is more appropriate for students seeking an internship in the country as part of their study program. Young professionals, for their part, have to request for a temporary work permit from the Algerian embassy or consulate in their home country. This permit will be valid for three months. Formalities can also be tackled on your behalf by recruitment organizations.

In all cases, it is best to inquire with Algeria's diplomatic representations in your home country beforehand, namely about the type of visa required, internship conditions and contract, remuneration, accommodation, etc.


In general, there is no official regulation regarding internships in Algeria. However, foreign students have to comply with particular norms regarding the field in which they are performing the internship. These should be clearly defined in training contract, which differs from an employment contract. According to the training contract, your company will be your sole responsible party. The only issues that can be discussed are benefits to which you will be eligible, such as meal allowances, transport fees refund, etc. However, some companies may offer to take your complete responsibility.

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