Landlord wouldn't register me

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So I got a very good offer for a room which is near to the center etc. from a family I know. However they say that they cannot register me, but it's not a problem since I can still get my BSN number without having an adress. Is that true? If I register as a non-resident, the BSN will expire/I might get a fine, right?

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Registration with the Gemeente is a personal thing, you have to go yourself and do it, your landlord can't do it for you.  Most Gemeente require you to make an appointment (some offer an online appointment system), but basically, you just turn up with your passport and a copy of your rental agreement.  I've heard of some also wanting birth certificates, although why when you have a passport with the details puzzles me, so makes me think maybe a civil servant is forgetting he/she's there to help, not make it hard.

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I understand that it is a personal thing, but the landlord told me that I 'cannot be registered at the room'. What does that even mean? I have read somewhere that it might also affect the tuition fee that I pay for the University.

Aha - then you may have a problem.  Some landlords won't let you register from their addresses.  It doesn't matter for those who already have a BSN (Dutch citizens and those who have previously registered), but if you haven't, then you won't be able to work, register with a doctor or open a bank account.  Assuming you need these, then you may have to find somewhere else to live.